Monday, July 10, 2017


World Wide Web, created by Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee is not just for a medium of fun and social networking but definitely will burst income for you even you are only sitting comfortably in your home. Before entering the world of online earning, you should be guided of what are the following jobs you could get into. Here are the helpful list of common and trusted jobs for money-making:

 Flip domains

Domains are useful area in online money making and a lot of people engage themselves into this kind of job. You can serve as the agent for the deal made the by domain owner and the client. By this way one can sell domain with a good rate and can earn a handsome money form this.

 Do online surveys

 As simple as answering a quiz in school. You provide answers to a particular query of survey and you earn and instant dollar in just a few minutes of doing this kind of work. This is the easiest money making way in online.

 Transcribe audio

In this job you should be able to convert the audio into a hearing-impaired-friendly one. Because a lot of internet users are coming in but they are not familiar in listening. So you can do transcription jobs also.

 Edit audio

If you have and know how to use sound-editing software, you can clean up webcasts and interviews before they go online. Its an interesting job but the values for this job is not bad. and hourly rate for this job is good.

 Website building

It is just having the web as your plot in the garden and it is up to you what to fill on it and definitely promote it through social-media for clients to plant on your garden. It will work as a media of you like television , radio etc. You can build a online news paper and when you will get enough traffic then you can put some company advertise to your site to make some extra income.

Business to Business Marketing

You serve as the representative of a particular company website wherein you are to make a sale of the company’s product to other companies. By doing this you and that company both will able to earn. They will able to earn by selling Product and you will receive payment from them.

This website is quite focused on personal assistance and care. This website primarily needs a babysitter to be destined in a specific place for the client. If you have knowledge and experience on babysitting or watching over kids and babies then this is the best job for you to work on.


There are a lot of jobs that are available on websites. One good example is oDesk. You can choose from a wide variety of errands to work on here. Main job here are data entry, technical writing, virtual assistant, affiliate marketing, researching, and etc. It is one of the trusted medium of online earning jobs. we will make some post about freelancing soon.


More or less the same with oDesk. You are to create an account but building an account in Elance is quite hard but it is manageable. Your possible jobs to start in here are technical writing, assisting websites, resume making and other jobs found in oDesk.

Amazon Associates

Selling of the product of an associate website to your own domain with percent commission per sale made into your website. This is called affiliate marketing or earn form affiliate marketing. Affiliation is most common online earning way for individuals. You have to be registered on affiliate sites to earn from affiliate sites. They will provide a referral link for you and you will do marketing with that specific link. As much you will able to sell as much you will able to earn.

 Company Referral Programs

In this job, you will be joining the company’s team in an online manner in order to make sales.Keep in contact with them for the product that you will be selling. Sale and earn as easy as that.


If you are a musically-inclined person and you are interested to earn money, then iTunes will be perfect for you. You can make video, audio or any related matters in music and sell it to the website and earn while you enjoy doing your interests in music. You can also incorporate also in your work some ads for additional income.


You can create your own information files for a particular search made by the web browsers or you can edit existing files on Wikipedia and make it your own so that you can sale the information you have to clients.


If your passion is on writing then making money through blog is recommended. You will write articles about a certain topic and sell it to other websites for same purposes of giving information on a topic or you can have it posted on your website and charge the readers visiting your website and reading your blogs.

Those are just the common ways to earn bucks on the web. Even you can create your own money making ideas to earn from online. There are still unraveling fields of online job that you can anytime you are ready  to. But for now, it is in this list that will bring you future competence and compatibility  in doing the tasks you are bound to do. It is for your safety and advantage of starting on low rate and simple jobs and gradually getting into a more difficult and highly-paid jobs. You will given guides in the following articles of choosing the job and where to work for your convenience.

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