Monday, July 10, 2017


How are everyone  ? I 'm good . I 'll share with you how to hosted Ad Sense account will Upgrade . Let us know the level of order.

First , we know that we hosted Ad Sense buy hosted blogger or website to be different from the Ad Sense account is active . The blogging website , as well as all of the protect  can be . The Host is a website Google Ad Sense account, which is what this website is the hosted the Google Ad Sense accounts .

Hosted Ad Sense account , you can get it hosted blogger , habapeja . You can get a lot more webbly maradhame 's website and Google Host view can add any website . Host your own domain , but if you want to add by using the site , you can use your Hosted Ad sense account . In this account , you can use the upgrade .

Hosted by Google Ad Sense account is that the Upgrade and the following steps :

1 . The first on your Google Ad Sense account login .

2. My ads button click.

3 . Other Product Click.

4 . The website at the time you want to add the site 's URL , then click Submit

5 . Ad unit or add code to your website just sitting days

6 . Log out and get your work done , let's here.


Wait a few days time if your site is appropriate to add view will add Google started showing .

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