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Blog Writing Tips

Blogs are considered as the meat of information that you search for in the web. If ever you search for something it is often related or linked to blogs of the topic you want to find out. There are over billions of blogs in the realm of online web connection but not all are worth visiting and reading for. As always, there will be a black sheep in a family same with the blogs produced in the web, not all are informative and useful in fact some are just made to become spams and ruin other functional blogs. In order for you not to be included in the blog spammers, you should be able to develop interest in writing blogs which you create to provide information and ideas to your reader and not to confuse them with your naughty writings. Here is a guide for becoming a good blog writer.

1. Develop an innovative and informative writing style.

Create your own way of building up your ideas to start producing blogs. You may read some other blogs and blog-writing techniques for you to have basis and gradually make your own writing system. Do not copy others work for you are just wasting your time in plagiarizing someone’s work and you will just be a blog spammer for that matter. Honestly, you can’t have your own writing style directly but you should start up slowly until such time that you can have your own way of developing your idea.

2. Write with an interesting topic.

For a starter, in order for your blog to be appealing on the eyes of the readers then you should choose a topic which is interesting enough to catch the attention of the online reader. So since you are starting then you should start up with such recent topics so that it is not difficult for you to get some patrons of your writings. It’s all up to you to choose what interesting topic you want.

3. Keep updating your blogs.

 After you have written and published your blog, you should keep updating on your blog to keep constant changes or additions to your writings. In that way your readers will not get bored of visiting and reading on your blogs since you are regularly updating the contents of it which will make them also interested in reading it often.

4. Write, write and write

Keep adding contents and writings about something. This time you may write about something which is of deeper meaning or something requested by your reader. If you have a lot of blogs written and published on the online environment then you become famous to certain population because of your blog writings. This will serve as beginning of becoming a good blog writer since if you can produce a lot of blogs then it reflects that you have learned the necessary things to learn and you are gradually lifting yourself into popularity of being a blog writer.

5. Allow interaction with your reader

This is also a good way of being a good writer. Allow your readers to comment on your blogs of whatever they infer about the contents of your writings. You may receive negative comments but those will serve as your challenges to pass in order to satisfy the pleasure of your readers. Those comments will also have good feedback's and suggestions which will make you feel good and encourage you to do better in all your blogs that will be made in the future. If you are open to their opinions then you just prove that you are employing good blog-writing techniques and will definitely become a superb blog writer. Anyways, all of the famous blog writers starts with exactly the same experience as you will have.

6. Respond to every reader.

After you receive comments and suggestions, you should also reply to what they have commented in you. You can also post something like saying thank you or else apologies for the lacking things in your blog. The reader will be happy if you do this since they feel that you are recognizing their suggestions to you. You can make them more satisfied when you produce interesting blogs after following what they have suggested written in a form of a comment.
It’s your time now of becoming a good blog writer, follow this and you will on the peak of the best blog writers.

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Unmasking Some of the Major Search Engines

What crosses your mind when you hear the word search engine? What are search engines? Most people will say Google! But whose is to blame them, Google is a giant, heavyweight search engine which has risen and I still rising nearly to flood the search engines stage. It leaves one wondering about the fate of other search engines. But to break it down to you what are search engines, they can be said to be a programs that help people to look for information in the internet using certain specific words. Though Google beats others hands down it is worth noting that there are other budding search engines and that they are doing fairly well. That should tell you there are major search engines and some other not-so-major search engines; it all depends with the number of users and how often the users use them. Search engines gained much ground in the 1990s and have become a cornerstone to web users. There are different kinds of search engines; some have fallen along the road due to the cut-throat competition, while other common search engines have lived to fight another day. Below is a treatise of several major search engines and some brief information about them:

Major Search Engines

Google has stood out like a sour thumb since it was born in 1998. It was started off as university project and was a brainchild of Sergy Brin and Larry Page. The two were students at the University of Stanford. Google was initially known as BackRub. A year later Google started to work together with the likes of Netscape which led it to command approximately 3 million searches per day.
Google has become a house hold name to a point people coin the word ‘Google it’ to mean search it. If you don’t know the answer simply Google it! Google’s success did not fallen from heaven like manna; it has taken hard work, dedication and innovation. This has made Google faster and most importantly more relevant due to its constant and ceaseless upgrades. With Google you can do a lot apart from searching key words, you can also search for images, video, books and discussions among many other things.
Google commands a bazillion of revenue and mostly comes from their AdWords and AdSense programs. These programs primarily deal with advertising as advertising brings Google more than 95 percent of their total earnings.

This is another major search engine that draws its popularity from its peerless uniqueness. It can be termed as a one-stop-shop because it offers an email box, a viable shopping center, a news facilitator, a travel directory, a horoscope, game center and even much more. Yahoo makes web searching more of a discovery and exploration voyage, needless to say it is one of the oldest web ‘directory’.

Yahoo was born in the year 1994 by David Filo and Jerry Yang. Though Yahoo had been plagued with making some rather ‘poor’ decisions, in the year 2002 Yahoo conglomerated with other small search companies and come up with a more advanced search engine. Google was also on board but later Yahoo dumped Google in the year 2004 in favor of Yahoo’s own technology.

Some of the poor decisions nearly saw Yahoo into the trash bin as it did to some of its employs as layoffs after layoff were announced. But Yahoo fortunes changed for the better after they hired a Google’s former employee as their CEO, Her name is Marissa Meyer.

It is worth noting some of the unique features that has made yahoo stand the test of time. They include, excellent search results, you can search for images using the Yahoo homepage tabs that are found directly above the search box, yellow page listing and as stated above a viable shopping search engine.

Just like Google Yahoo also earns some money through advertisement. Yahoo bought overture in 2003 so as to capitalize on this niche of advertising.

Microsoft could not luxuriate at its success with windows while the like of Google and Yahoo were raking in millions from search engines market. So it introduced Bing in May 2009. Prior to the introduction of Bing by Microsoft in the search engine market, Microsoft had tried its luck using MSN search, but it did not do very well. With introduction of Bing, Microsoft had just gotten itself a goose that lays the golden egg because Microsoft share in the search market doubled. Some of the factors that led to Bing Success include the deal that was sealed between Microsoft and Yahoo to let Bing handle Yahoo’s organic results.

Some of the unique features that towed along with Bing includes is ability to offer you suggestions after you have searched. This suggestions are usually on the left most column and include things like ‘wiki’ suggestions, ‘related searches’ and ‘visual search’ This pattern of offering related suggestion to your search has been very useful a reason why Bing continues to grow.

It would be foolish to think that only the top 3 aforementioned are the only common search engines. is also a common search engine. Popularly know as Ask Jeeves, started gaining ground back in the year 1998, though it was launched in the year 1997. This search engine was not so much pivoted on technology as it used human editors to match the search queries. In 2001 replaced DirectHit with Teoma. The former was said to be an easy playing ground for spams hence the latter took over due to its secureness. takes pride in its clean interface, something that makes it stand out in the search engine market. The results are also offered in a systematic grouping that makes the results neater hence easier to read. The grouping of the results by has also proven to be more relevant.

In the year 2005, Ask .com was sold to Barry Diller’s IAC. IAC acquired for 1.85 billion dollars. The following year i.e. 2006 Ask Jeeves was renamed It is worth noting the IAC is quit prolific in the websites arena as it owns a number of websites such as, and

This search engine was founded back in the year 1999. It belonged to a company known as FAST, a probable reason why sometimes is referred to as FAST or FAST search. During its launch it was used to show the FAST companies web search technologies. was later sold to Overture in February 2003 for a whopping 70 million dollars. However after Yahoo acquired Overture, rightfully become a property of Yahoo. Nowadays you can be assured to get a more customizable and highly pleasant experience when you use thanks to the fact that it is powered by Yahoo. Yahoo also uses this search engine as a testing platform.

During the milestone decade of the 1990′s when search engines were being developed, there was a major development by the name of Lycos. Lycos was designed at the University of Carnegie Mellon. The person credited for the designing and developing of this search engine was none other than Michale Mauldin. Due to his expertise in the field of search engines Michale Mauldin remains the chief scientist in the Lycos Inc. Lycos is nowadays owned by Terra Lycos, a company that came to existence after Lycos merged with Terra networks. The same company also owns another search engine known as the Hot Bot search engine.

Lycos was a big giant in the 1990s and was ranked first by Netscape list search engine due to its peerless hits on the results of the word ‘Surf’. By 1996 Lycos had indexed more than 60 million documents, fiercely proving its mettle as there was no other search engine to index such a number of documents at that time.

In 1999 Lycos stopped crawling for its listing and picked up the provision of access to human-powered results for popular queries from LookSmart.

Lycos also boasts from a unique feature known as the Fast Forward. This helps you to view the search results from one side of your screen and the actual page of the result on the other side of the screen. At the bottom of the screen you will find the related categories for your search results but they are usually human-complied.

This is yet another search engine that was founded in the 1990s; to be precise it was founded in 1995. If this search engine maintained the momentum with it started with, Google would not even hold a candle for it today. This search engine started off with a bang and user friendly features that included, ability to allow natural language queries, inbound link checking, the users had the option to add or delete their own URL within 24 hours and also had advanced searching techniques. For this reasons AltaVista commanded a large group of loyal users that loved their unique and helpful services.

But a poor decision to want to turn this promising search engine to a portal site in the 1998, saw the relevancy and popularity of this search engine take a nose dive southwards. The company is said to have lost track of the importance of search. But it changed its gears and focused on search. After going a cycle of changing hands from one company to another, AltaVista is now owned by Yahoo.

Knowing the major search engines can help a lot in having good researches since you know what to use for it is here in this article that the common search engines are being unravel and described for your convenience.

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