Tuesday, September 20, 2016


We decide to work on freelance marketplace or online bidding sites. but as a new freelancer some people does not know how to bid , what should write on bid and how to win a bid and what kind of work should do as new freelancer.

To win a bid on online bidding site it is really tough for newbies, because as a new people they don’t have enough experience to win a bid. Even some people does not know he should or should not bid for this project. Sometimes clients does not disclose what budget actually for this project. So freelance need to analyze also the actual budget for a individual project. Without enough knowledge it is really hard to estimate a budget for a project. Here is some important points what should follow in the very beginning of making a bid.

online bidding site

Budget for work: 

Proposal of enough payment for your work is definitely a part of the marketing process. The work that you have done will not just be paid with the inappropriate amount but should be of a satisfying amount. Now in order for you not to be cheated by your clients, you should know the processes in making a bid for the work you have made for them. If these processes will be accounted well then a good bid will be swept by you.

Consider the complexity of the work:

Difficult and time consuming jobs calls for big prices also, no one wants an lower level nature of doing a job. You and your employer knows how hard the job will be accomplished since you both agree of the job so it is also of consideration the amount that should be paid to you. Bid high when your job is of high standards , bid low when it is quite easy. but you have to bid in a standard , don’t come down below standard. it will harm not only for you , but also for all freelancer. when a buyer will able to done his work with very low cost then freelancer will not able to earn a handsome money from freelancing and people come on online bidding site to earn some extra. so you should think about standard payments also. Now a days payments are secure for nice payment gateway or payment solution.

 Bid based on your ranking:

There will come a time that you will be an expert on your job and you are being demanded by a lot of employers to do them a service so for you to have a quality time with an employer, bid in accordance to your rank. Since you can’t work for all the clients at the same time to get a lot of income, you should make sure that you are not left behind with the bid you make. Make the most of the time you spent with an employer since you are one of the demanded worker in the online job field.

Consider the status of the client:

Some clients are starting employers also. If you bid largely then there is a greater chance that they can’t pay you totally so it’s a disadvantage in your part. You can’t blame the employer for its a kind of your excessive bid that made them unable to pay it so a small starting client also needs a micro bid for them to be capable of giving you your work payment.

Make a bid with certainty:

Don’t just give a bid and you won’t complete the job. It is a big insult to the face of your employer and a huge disgrace to your credibility in your chosen work. When you propose and agreed on a bid with your employer be sure also to accomplish it with quality in order for you to have some other good payment and as well as you can make great deals because you are reliable in making the bids for you finish it with dedication and commitment.

Now that you are aware of making bids on online bidding sites, so you will be able to formulate your own justifiable deals with your employer that of great prices thus giving you satisfying income for your specific purposes later. In the next sessions you will be taking a look on how to win bids with reasonable rate but you should put into consideration the completeness and clarity of the work demanded by your employer so that there is no way you can’t win a bid.