Tuesday, August 30, 2016


To start with your own website for whatever business you want to create online, you should choose and buy some domains for your business to be founded. Domains are website which are available for you to buy or rent in order to post the details of your business as well as to promote the products you are offering. But to have your domain at a good search rank and known to your target you should have to know the proper way of naming your domains. Here are the simple tips in choosing domain names which will boost your business rationale.

Choosing Domain Image

1. It should be keyboard friendly.

One of the tips in choosing domain names is that you should make it sure that it is easy for your visitors to type the sites name. Don’t choose the words with a lot of spelling just like the word “excellent” which can be technically spelled as “xcellent” or “you” written as “u”. At the same time do not be slang in choosing for the domain name so that the one who types the URL of the site will really get into your domain.

2. The shorter the better.

It should be short so as not to confuse your clients. If you have lengthy names then it is more prone to misspellings and irregularities which will make your site hard to search. But don’t compromise also the shortness of your name to the point that it is not good to be a name or it appears like an abbreviation.

3. Employ keywords.

Incorporate keywords related to your type of business. It is a good move to simply introduce your business slightly to your target population. Like for example, your business is about tutorial service then you may have your domain name as “amarkolom.com” or simply “amarkolom.com” but it is better to have some description of your business.

4. Include area of business.

For example your business is located in Dhaka, Indonesia then it can appear as “amarkolom.com” or “amarkolom.com”. This specifies where you are operating which will help your clients find you.

5. Use of unnecessary symbols should be avoided.

Tips in choosing domain names includes this. Don’t use symbols like numbers and hyphens often for this will just make them confused if you are really using the symbol of the number or the spelling of it as well the correct placement of the hyphens.

6. Choose a name which is catchy and easy to remember.

A lot of domain names are out in the web, you should make your own with a catchy nature so that it will be easy for your visitors to remember your site.

7. Check its originality and availability.

Evaluate the name online if it is still bearable by your site and it is not copy of other company’s name. This is important so that you will have genuineness and the clients will really reach your specific site.

8. Pick the proper extension.

Domain names should have their own unique extension which should be related to the nature of the website itself. Like if you are having a business site then you should write as “amarkolom.com” since “.com” signifies a company or a business firm. Also if you are a network then have your domain extension as “.net” or if its an organization then it should be “.org”. Other available domain namesextensions are “.me” , ”.biz” , “.co” , “.edu” , “.info” and etc. Pick according to your business type.

9. Buy related domain names.

As I say earlier, your domain name can be misspelled by the visitor so to avoid that scenario and to protect your domain you should buy the misspelled domains so with the related sites to your specific domain. This will help you to attract your target population to the real domain that you are using to promote your business and service. Also this decreases the rate of competition among other domain owners.

10. Be prompt.

Always be ready for any available domain in the market. Since you can buy one easily for it does not cost much, you should be aware of any possible opening of your target domain to buy. Also keep in mind to buy the domains from trusted ones so that it will not be a problem to your operation.

Now these are just a few tips in choosing domain names for a starting worker or businessman. Keep in touch with us for more important updates related to online earning matters.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Facebook is a prominent social networking site and considered as the most used identity interpreter when it comes to people signing into sites. It would be a great help and beneficial for most website owners who want to take the advantage of Facebook power in the development of their sites and also generate money through Facebook. The best part in Facebook is that, this social media offers vast numbers of different social plug-ins that we can utilize not just to gain friends but also to earn in our own ways. You can apply each social plug-in by means of graphics or virtual onto different websites which you can use to earn money day-by-day. However, it includes some very little coding knowledge to apply this social pug-ins easily. Everyone must take in the knowledge and take a look at the reasons why each website owner must have a few of them on your site.

Like with other popular social networking sites including Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram and many more; Facebook also is capable of generating advertisements in accordance with its applications. You can use the concept of product displaying, promoting and sell. The question now, how can you effectively use this social media in order for you to know the ways to earn using Facebook? Well, worry no more as here are the ways to get your profit easily and in running time.

make mony with facebook

Sell your product in public mode

One of the problems why people end up having no profit while selling products over Facebook is that they keep on customizing their products as well as tag and share it privately over thousands of Facebook users; this result to bankruptcy of some online businesses. If you are using Facebook to earn money, you have to make sure that your post is in public domain so that everyone is free to view your product. Sell it with confidence and allocate right caption to attract their attention and undoubtedly purchase your item. For example, put all necessary information about your business in your page like the company profile, photos of products, proof of selling receipts and etc. to make sure that your target clients will definitely contact you immediately. This kind of technique is capable of keeping your business stable and your consumers will have this feeling that they are in good hands.

Be Creative, make your page unique and looks captivating

We cannot deny the fact that a lot of Facebook users criticize such page or account based on the pictures and images they see on it. If you want to easily capture your target consumers without any prior encumbrances, make sure that you have the unique ideas and strategies to have money through Facebook business page standout among other competitors and appear it in front of the public with captivating features and interesting posts. You can start it by researching what is the trend today then adapt that information you gathered on your own account. By doing this, you can assure of acquiring increased number of clients compared before.

Establish related Facebook applications

It is true that Facebook is considered as the home of applications so therefore you can use this strategy to attract millions of Facebook users in just short period of time. Know their demands and distinguish if your target clients are into information, entertainment or trends? By determining their wants and needs, you can able to put it on your own business page and show it off to them in very unique way. You can use either games, music or productive application based on what you’ve gathered during your research.

Facebook is not only for selfish works, naughty videos and posts but it can be used in order for us to earn money. This article is mainly to teach you the ways to earn using Facebook. Keep track with us for your questions to be answered concerning on the possible ways of earning from online strategies.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


If you’re doubting of ways on how to earn from YouTube, I have some superb ideas for you to follow. You can do it the totally free way or you can use video tools to do so. Here are a few of methods that you can apply to set up a YouTube video that’s going to increase a lot of traffic for your websites or for your associate links. Following are some YouTube earning ways which will be very helpful for you.

youtube image

Stage of getting started

Making an account on YouTube is the initial step in doing all the process. A small, unique username helps.Addition of content is the next step. When you signed in, beating the ‘Upload’ button is all it gets to upload a video. YouTube also has a facets long as a fanatical e-mail address so that people can upload videos frankly from mobile phones. Making your uploaded content stand out is essential. There are a couple of fast tips to help finish this-High value content is important.Equally critical is a regular and reliable stream of uploads, which will help assurance a steady audience.Most Internet consumer doesn’t have very vast interest spans, so keeping the videos short is key.


Having several viewers is very essential, and users can share out their content on assorted social networking sites to make sure that people watch the videos they upload. Videos require proper title and amazing descriptions. Additionally captions and systematize the videos in suitable playlists will help get better discover ability in search outcome. Subscribers are crucial to earnings.The next big step towards monetization is being valid for the YouTube equal Program. While everyone and everybody can take part, YouTube doesn’t assurance that everybody will be taken in as followers. Having a huge number of subscribers is of enormous help. So is making confident the user’s channel has suitable, unique videos, with no copyright problem whatsoever. So how to earn from YouTube is very easy in these days. YouTube seem out for those channels on which they can promote, and make cash.

Creating the genuine video

This step is maybe the hardest step before you in fact begin collecting money. Start by coming up with a suggestion. If you have any sort of aptitude or talent, it’ll be no brains state to verification it as a video class. The opportunities are continuous! And, if you’re lucky sufficient to identify how to edit videos, you very well could perfect short, energetic stories, or well-liked, catchy tunes with familiar characters that will go worldwide in a matter of days! Just keep in mind to remember that it must be exclusive, one-of-a-kind and comprise lots and lots of amazing flair to how to earn from YouTube.

Lastly, I would like to share that the whole point YouTube earning ways is to grasp the peoples’ concentration from the get-go. If they’re not attracted, their fingers won’t click to look at your video, and you’re still building the same old paycheck you have been irritable about for far too long. Talk to relatives, colleagues, fellow YouTube users, and don’t be scared to visit the forums.

You can do other things like posting ads and back links to your YouTube account but this is the essential steps on starting the business. You should be particular of this ways in order to master the basic and on the later time, do the additional ways of having big income. Now go create your YouTube account and count on your earnings soon.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


What is freelancing or outsourcing:

The term freelancing is a sub category of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). BPO stands for help with a small or a big team. When some people works together to success a project or a work then it’s comes under the BPO. When someone try to make a project successful then it’s be very difficult.  For this reason they need to work together.  The example of BPO is data processing, data management, database administration, call center, official work and many more.

Freelancing is a term when someone work individually or jointly to complete a single or multiple task for money. The main condition of freelancing is one can work freely or it can be said as home business. There is no need of office or well-furnished place to work.

Now a days the idea among people about freelancing that freelancing is done with only computer and internet. But in broad category freelancing is a work – can be done off line also.  Freelancing and outsourcing are similar to each other.
Freelancing Jobs image

What does outsourcing means:

Outsourcing means a job done out of main job. That means when a people do a job to get some extra money. But it is not his main job for living. For example we can say that when teacher do some tuition for some extra money is an example of outsourcing. Students do part time job for some extra money. They do not do it for living. So it’s the example of outsourcing. So in the term of freelancing we can say that when a people do something freely only for some extra money then it abides by as freelancing. Computer is not a mandatory issue for freelancing.

But thing of general people, freelancing is a work of IT people who are good in computer operating and have good knowledge on internet browsing. But it is not necessary actually that you have be superb in internet browsing or surfing. Just need some basic skill on computer like MS Office, Excel, and Power Point etc.  As a part of BPO it can be done in any way. It can be the good example of home business. To make fast money from home it is really great opportunity for all.

Now a day it is super easy to do freelancing work as a home business.  Anyone can do freelancing from home as there has thousands of market place in internet cloud. For example we can say freelancer, Elance , Odesk , Guru , People per hour, Fivrr and many more. Need some basic skill on online work and can start work easily from home if he/she have internet connection only.

In market place people need to create his CV (Curriculum Vita) to work from home.  All trusted marketplace have an option to verify one’s identity. When someone verifies his identity then he can start work from home. So his home business started.  One can start work without verifying his identity but it is risky at all. Because anti-fraud department can ban or dismiss his/her ID any time. So it is wise work to verify the ID first.

Introduction of some renowned marketplace:

Odesk and its history:  In world market place Odesk has a great demand to no. 1 position.  The site runs for communication between worker and buyer. Buyer post job on odesk for done it quickly with quality and people complete it to get some extra money and earn from home. The rule of odesk is to manage the trust and quality of work.  The founder of the company is Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis. It founded in 2005 on Campbell, California. Thomas Layton is the CEO of the company.

Elance and Its history: Elance is only a big platform for worker and buyers. The security and monitoring system is more secure form any other marketplace. So freelancer prefer more to work on this platform. The Headquarters of  Elance is situated in Mountain View, California. It established on 1999. So for long run it’s doing great work from their very beginning.

Freelancer and its history:  Freelancer is a marketplace and it also has great appeal among on workers.  It established on 2009. But one third of freelancer works here to do freelance work. Matt Barrie is the Founder and CEO of the company. It’s an Australian company and 500 plus people works to maintain it properly.

To work on world marketplace from home these sites are helping very much. So the demand among the people of these sites is huge.  There are hundred plus category to work on these sites. People can select a category and can start for long run. Because there are thousands of works and more job been posted daily. Just need to know how to work and what kind of work is perfect actually. If you can realize you perfect for what work then you can earn a handsome amount of money from this sector.

Most common works on freelance market place are web design, web development, database design and management, Search engine optimization,  Graphics , logo design , banner design, data entry etc. Web Design and SEO are most demand able work on freelance market place. But the demand of server administration is also high. Some people are working hundred dollar or more per hour. So there has great opportunity to chance the life. Thus people leave their main job and took this as their main job.  Actually people are mad of money. So where they got money, they run behind this. It is not so easy to clear what the freelancing is. But I tried my best and I will keep my writing my on to learnt you some more about freelancing.  I will try my best to clear all about freelancing – how to register on freelancing, how to complete profile on freelancing market place, how to bid for job, how to start a contract and how to submit the job after end, and finally the payment process. To start work on freelancing marketplace you have to learn and have to practice more and more for being skilled on specific topic.

Monday, August 15, 2016


Minimum Cashout: 2$.
Payment system: Payza, Paypal.
Earn: Every day I earn 30$ per day.
PTC website has many fake sites. First of all, you justify and find out which site elite site than work with PTC.I want to say Ojooo is elite site and its Germany PTC site.Ojooo payment system is very well. If you earn 2 dollars than you cashout instant.
Ojooo sinup is free.Ojooo current status wad users 9,520,059 and by Ojooo 690,152,832.If you want work deposits here and can pay payza.PTC site is like a group team and can not be alone work here than you will be success. You have a manage a team need.PTC site has 2 referrals.First Direct referrals and second rented referrals.Every PTC site have Banners and click on the referral link can be found. Through this link, your team will be those who will join up with them. Direct referral would be upgrade if you will. Now, inquired if the 30 Direct referral, and they average day two, click the total to 60 pm, earnings of 30 cents a day + your income. Rent referrals of the PTC The most important technique to income. Joining referral after rent is taken. This does not need to invest. You can rent your Ojooo account by the dollar ($ 0.60 cents to submit a minimum of 3 people if you can work with the referral.If your income can be increased by increasing the Available regular referrals.Suppose
You buy 100 rented referrals and people working for the rent, and if they click on an average two can earn $ 2 per day.Every rented referrals expires 30 days than you can renew it.If you want upgrate your account.Your rented referrals do not work or dnot active than you recycle them.Every month you work here and regularly within 7 to 8 month than earn many dollars.
Direct referrals not limite and rented referrals is limited.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Content writing is an important skill for a person to be familiar and later be expert on it. It is a way of expressing your thoughts about a certain topic through writing about it. Not only that you can show your feelings through content writing, it is also a good source of income especially when you are an online earning enthusiast. A lot of successful online worker starts with content writing for this is greatly related to article writing. But this is more about emotional way of writing wherein you consider a lot of factors in order to win the sympathy of the reading community. For you to be interested in doing content writing as Blog Writer, I have some proven tips on content writing.

1. Meet the demand of the reader.

Online readers don’t usually waste their time on topics they are not interested in. For your content to be fixed on to the needs of your reader, you must be familiar of what genre is they are bound to read so that you will not produce contents which will not be useful.

2. Write simple but relevant contents.

For your reader to understand your thoughts you should bear in mind the simplicity of the idea you are presenting in your work and avoid using words which is not familiar in for them because it will turn them down since they are having a hard time understanding your writings. Create a functional way of presenting your idea so that it don’t gets boring and lengthy.

3. Keep words minimal but solid.

In content writing, the readers don’t want to read writings with a lengthy nature. As short as it may appear the better for the reader because they don’t want to engage themselves into writings that presents the thoughts in a cycle wherein you mix up your ideas and fails to let them realize what you want them to get out of your article. So keep your words simple and easy to understand so that they don’t need a dictionary beside them when they are reading your contents.

4. Identify your reader.

Don’t just write without a target reader for it will be of no use to do such. Imagine you are using business ideas and wordings while your reader are toddlers or grade schools. They will never understand what you are talking about and that is just a waste of time and effort. Determine the people you want to read your article, if its for youth then use the convention of words that they are familiar with as well when you write for businessmen then you may use the language of business that they are open to. It’s a must to identify your target readers in the first place so that it will definitely suit their qualities and will really make them interested in your topic written.

5. Write vicariously.

 This is one of the best tips on content writing. Writing vicariously means you are feeling and putting yourself to the status of your reader so that they can feel sympathy and they can say that you are a good writer since you are able to specify what they are feeling and that’s a spectacular work. Understand their feelings and thought and write base on what you will feel when you are the one standing on their feet.

6. Keep integrity and quality in every work.

So that you will completely have the patronizing of your reader, you should do-content writing with integrity and quality. Integrity in the sense that you are presenting them with ideas which are factual and timely. When your readers find out that you are just writing the way you want to and present the evidences from your own opinion only then that will compromise their trust to your writings and in return they will not engage themselves in reading your contents since it may just be a bluff or foolishness.

7. Improve your contents regularly.

Just like maintaining your backyard gardens everyday wherein you water it and uproot weeds away from it. That is also the way you should maintain your contents so that it will not be left behind by others writings and will constantly keep your patrons of coming back to read your writings. Accept suggestions from them and take ideas out of their comments then establish an improvement on your contents so that it will always be helpful and interesting to read. Probably the best of all the tips on content writing.

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Saturday, August 13, 2016


Article Analysis

The online earning environment today caters almost all kind of literary works ranging from technical writing, article writing so with the act of analysis of each is considered a possible income source. If you know how to write an article then you should be able to develop the skill in article analysis for it serve as a total package of knowing how to write and at the same time developing the skill of article evaluation.

Learn how to analyses an article here

For the moment, you can depend on some professionals to do article analysis for you but you should not do this forever you should find way also how to do an analysis of an article. Lucky for you that you have some guide to follow in making such analysis for your convenience since you are beginning to do such stuff. Now for you to learn analyzing article then you should read the following part of this article then.

How to make an article analysis

1. Determine the points.

In order to be familiar of how to write a good article analysis on paper, then you should be able to deduce the main points or the conclusions proposed by the author. In this way you can evaluate what are the insights of the author towards the topic he/she is writing about which will later on be your basis in taking your own stand.

2. Evaluate the validity of the evidence.

For you to be certain of what is the thought that the author wants to relay to the reader, weighing of the evidence stuffed in each subject is a good thing to apply. In this part of the analysis you are projecting the supporting ideas stated by the writer wherein you are being enlightened of what thought the writer wants you to get upon reading the article.

3. Retrieve the sources of the information.

Reliability and credibility of the information mixed in each idea in the article is very important for the article to click and be read by most of the reading community. It should come from trusted sources such as events, news, web information, blogs, books and many other form of information sources as long as it delivers the credible issue which will be included in the article. You should be very keen in retrieving this kind of information so that you will really be good in the field of article analysis.

4. Judge the persuasiveness of the article.

After knowing the complete thought expressed by the author, its now time to distinguish if the evidences and idea are persuasive or not and better explain why your judgement is either of the two. Its a good way to lay down all the possible cases that underlie amidst the arguments in the article. Based it from your own perspective if it affects your view after reading the piece or it does not even affect your vision toward the specific topic presented in the work.

5. Specify each technique used in building the article.

You should be aware of how the author develop each thought in the article in order for you to see the relevance of it the whole flow of the article. It is very important to cope with the observable skills portrayed by the author so that you can appreciate the beauty of the article thus will give you good analysis of it.

6. Make a stand.

 The last step is making your own stand after the thorough evaluation of the piece. It is an important part of the process since this will give the reader of your analysis an idea how you look at every idea built inside all throughout the work. Make a valuable stand and present why you chose that particular judgement so that i may appear valid and without biased.

Now that you know how to analyses an article out from this simple instructions then you should also start practicing to respond to the need of writing a good article analysis on paper to make it formal and systematic since it follow and acquire the necessary things that needs to be found in a good article analysis.