Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Moto Phone Shut Down The Computer

This is very simple process.One GPRS motophone and computer with a Microsoft outlook sufficient to perform this process.This way or method only you to send an email from your computer motophone shut down, Restart, or Hibernate can.
We think we will need your Microsoft outlook with Microsoft Word that you get.
Shut Down, and so on, you must first create a batch file.The following are ways in which you can write them.

Notepad and type the following .
c: \ windows \ system32 \ shutdown-s-f-t 00 and it shutdown.bat (Executable file) is in the save.

Notepad image

Save as image

How to work :

1.At first running Microsoft outlook and make sure that it is ready for use in your email id.
2.Than now you can configure Microsoft outlook as a way to check your email every miniature of it.You can fix it tool option.
3.Now to mail setup tab and then send/received button.

Microsoft outlook image

Than you got automatic send / Receive set to confirm and select Time Limit 1. Now you may close all dialog boxes.

Microsoft outlook image

1.Now you go to tools-runs and alert.Than click the option button upper right side and click import rules.
2.Now you have a few moments before shutdown.bat click create.
3.Now the last work.
4.When you motophone shut down from the computers instruction to send your E-mail address or send it ups shutdown % than your computer can process.

Thanks for reading this post.