Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Change Your Computer Start Button Name

 This is tutorial I'll explain how can change your computer start button name with another name or what ever

you like.This is tutorial you will be need additional software, but don't worry this is freeware its callResource

Hacker. you can download i.  Click here and download resource-hacker.This Software is editing Exe file .

 You must follow it :

1. Open your Resource Hacker
2. Find file Explorer.exe  that usually on windier\System32
you will get window appear like this

Resource Hacker image
 3.Go to the folder string.
4.Than change the start with your name and another name.

Resource Hacker image

5.Click the compline Script.
6.Than save as my explorer.exe than what ever you like.
7.Go to Reg-ester.
8.Go to the hlm/software/Microsoft/ windows NT/ Current version / winlogon.
9.Than change the shell value from explorer.exe with your file my explorer.exe.
10.Close the register editor.
11.Than last you restart your computer.

Thanks for reading this post.